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Silver Coloured Hare Drop Earrings

Silver Coloured Hare Drop Earrings


These hare drop earrings have been handmade and carefully crafted with fine detail. Made from locally sourced brass and then silver plated, the earring is attached to brass hook.

Founded in 1975, our supplier is a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation and prides on using extremely skilled local artisans, aiming to break the cycle of poverty. Against an increasingly commercialised and machine-made world, it offers them the promise of a world where livelihoods are assured, traditional skills are valued and where handmade products receive the respect they deserve. Their vision and mission is to provide marketing support to more than 800 Indian artisans through a sustainable global market and help them to preserve the art and craft of their rich Indian heritage.

Size: Approximate dimensions: 2.5 (L) x 3 (W) cm

Made in India

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