Nelson Whisky Rocker

Nelson Whisky Rocker


The tumbler that rocks, in more ways than one. Delight and entertain when you serve guests with this whisky rocker - it's rounded base is weighted to ensure the glass won't topple over, no matter which way you put it down.


(N.B. You are not restricted to just whisky!)


This stunning range of glassware is handmade and mouth blown from recycled glass collected by people from all over Swaziland/Eswatini - they are then paid per kilo for clean glass.


Local schools also get involved and instil in the children a sense of environmental awareness, as they believe that by educating our children about environmental issues we are going to have a chance of saving our planet. In exchange for participating in clean-up campaigns, the schools are given building materials and sponsorship of the football team.


Full volume - 400ml

Rim diameter - 80mm

Widest part - 97mm

Vessel height - 88mm

Total height - 88mm

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