We have a wide variety of design and colour options from which you can choose to have your shades created from. Please take a look through the e-swatches below which are shown lit and unlit using a 60w equivalent LED bulb. We have the same physical swatches in the shop and you are welcome to look through the collection with us, bring your lamp if you want to see how a shade design could work. 

The lampshade can be used with all UK and European lamps and pendants. The 25mm converter insert ring (UK fitting) can be simply removed to fit any European fitting.

If you are replacing a shade or have a size in mind that is not listed please contact us and we can enquire with the makers.

When ordering please be sure to tell us if your shade is for a ceiling fixture or lamp as some of our shade designs have a "right way up".

We are unable to take online orders via this website, however, we are happy to post out to you.  You can do this by using our Contact Us page, emailing us direct at pagodainteriors@gmail.com or telephone the shop during our opening hours on 01803 867840.


To enable us to provide you with a delivery cost, please inform us of the product and your postcode so that we can obtain the best price possible with Parcel Force/Royal Mail.  

Once you are happy with the delivery price and would like to proceed with the purchase, please telephone the shop during opening hours to make payment using a debit/credit card.  Your personal details are not stored.


Each shade is made using handmade papers and materials from around the world, each is backed with a heat proof lampshade panel,  you can use up to a 60w bulb, to ensure they are safe and strong as well as beautiful.  Using batik and screen printed lokta papers from Nepal, screen and block printed Yuzen Washi papers from Japan plus embroidered non woven fabric from India... there should be a design or style to suit every room in your home.

Lokta paper is made from the bark of the bush named Daphne Papyrus, which only grows at an altitude of 6500ft or above in the Himalayas.  The inner bark is stripped away, but the root system isn't damaged and regrows ~ making this a fully sustainable resource! The plant itself grows to about waist height and the flowers have a beautiful fragrance similar to that of the Hyacinthe, and when the bark is stripped off there is a wonderful aroma just like inside a pea pod! The lokta bark has to be boiled to soften and break down the fibres, it is then hand sifted before being pulped to a smooth paste, this is when vegetable dyes are added that are featured in this collection.


Every single sheet of paper is handmade by a cupful of lokta pulp being poured on to a wooden/mesh frame. Once the pulp has been hand circulated, the frame is gently lifted to ensure an even distribution. At this stage of production leaves and Cornflower, Rose and Marigold flower petals can be laid onto the pulp to create more stunning papers.


Our supplier trades fairly and ethically with the artisans resulting in benefits to communities in Nepal.

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Washi Paper from Kyoto

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