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Fairtrade - products that are certified by the Fairtrade Foundation.

Fair Trade - relies to a large part on trust - with the help of the WFTO (World Fairtrade Foundation) and other fair trade organisations around the world.

When you see the word Fairtrade it means that the product it refers to has met international fairtrade standards which are set by the international certification body Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International (FLO). When a product is Fairtrade certified, it will carry the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Fair Trade or Fairly Traded - for a lot of small producers the cost of certification is just not an option. What Fair Trade means is much more about grass roots, whereas the FAIRTRADE Mark is governed by rigid certification, Fair Trade is down to trust and goodwill. The producers affirm that there is no child labour involved; that women are afforded equal rights; that the workers are paid a fair wage; that they have access to health facilities and schooling for their children.

The companies that we buy from go out to visit their producers at least once a year to ensure that conditions are as above. These companies also, in general, provide further support for their producers, this can be by helping them provide schooling and health benefits. A lot of our suppliers are registered with the British Association for Fair Trade Shops which is an accredited organisation; registration is carried out annually.

In short, Fair Trade is built on mutual trust and understanding and a genuine desire to help people help themselves.